Top rape defence barrister

Stephen is an independent specialist criminal barrister and KC with expertise in defending false allegations and wrongful convictions for serious criminal offences including rape and all other sexual offences; this specialism has led Stephen to be regarded as amongst the UK’s top rape defence barristers.

Stephen should be your first choice counsel if you have been charged with a sexual offence or if you have been convicted and wish to appeal against your sentence and/or conviction.

A top criminal barrister

As one of the UK’s top criminal barristers, Stephen assists those who face or who have been convicted of an allegation of any type of sexual offence.

A skilful advocate

“He is very skilful in his advocacy, very good with clients and very amenable. He’s a down-to-earth barrister with a very modern way of thinking.”

Regrettably, nowadays legal aid does not give an accused real choice of representation, and in many cases the fee is so small that a publicly-funded lawyer, no matter how good his/her intentions are, will be unable to devote sufficient resources to a case. This is why Stephen undertakes this work on a private retainer only.